About Us

Our group operates in a wide spectrum in the metal industry. We are known throughout Germany and Hungary for our high quality work and are proud of our broad, efficient and precise approach to the metal industry.


With 15 years of experience, we provide services for our foreign business partners under a contract for work and services according to individual requirements, mainly in German-speaking countries.

The individual needs of our customers are important to us and we have a reliable team of professionals with many years of experience in Germany! Our AWI, CO, electrode welders and our locksmiths and pipe fitters, who can work independently from drawings, guarantee reliable quality work!

Most of our welders have valid qualifications and our team leaders have "shop floor" level language skills to bridge language differences.

We use our own machines, devices, tools, safety and other equipment. The business process is supported by project managers and office staff with many years of experience, which allows for flexible problem solving, fast turnaround, human support and quick turnaround.

Our philosophy



We are trustworthy, we cooperate with our partners and colleagues on the basis of mutual trust and we abide by the rules wherever we operate.


Our company takes responsibility for providing a wide range of services to our business partners. Our employees are encouraged to work independently and on their own responsibility, but our team members are also performance-oriented to achieve our goals.


Our goal is to constantly develop and immediately adapt to changes. One of the most important factors for our development is the availability of experienced and qualified workforce for the implementation of our projects. We strive to be the best employer on the supply side of the labor market.


We offer our employees

Our employees are our top priority!

For the duration of a posting to Germany:


  • free, well-equipped accommodation in rooms with maximum 1-2 beds
  • flexible, fast and professional service, problem solving, ongoing support
  • Long-term job opportunities abroad
  • salaries are always correct and on time
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We are looking for employees!

Apply with us, we offer you jobs in German-speaking foreign countries


5000 Szolnok/Hungary
József Attila Street 83 D 1-2



Office Manager

Judit Bíró